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In the past to play a lottery from another country you would need to be a resident. Now thanks to the Internet its possible to play lotteries from numerous lotto agents all around the world no matter what country you reside in. With so many new lottery sites appearing everyday it can be hard for even the most avid player to work out where to buy tickets. To help you out Lottery Expert has gone to massive effort to visit every lottery site. We have wrote full reviews based entirely on our experiences and published our findings. In order to further help other lotto players we would also appreciate if you could leave your comments and ratings on each lottery provider.

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If you are a new player or experienced player in the Internet lottery world then you can browse our online lottery reviews in the table below. This tickets section helps you quickly find the latest lottery offers and promotions. These promotions help you test the water before spending too much of your own money or taking out a monthly subscription. The various promotions could include free tickets, money back if you don’t win a prize in your first draw or the opportunity to spend a very small amount of money such as a £1 for numerous entries into syndicated draws. On some of the big lottery games you may be able to receive a no deposit bonus to get you started. These offers and promotions are updated regularly.

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Lotto Social </p> <p>Logo 20 EuroMillions Lines for £1 with code ‘EUROAF’ Lotto Social Review
Lotto Social </p> <p>Logo Buy 2 EuroMillions bets for £1.98 WLC Review </p> <p>Logo 81 EuroMillions & USA Powerball Lines for £1 Play Lottery Review
LottoKings Logo 55 EuroMillions Entries for £1 / $1 Lotto King’s Review
LottoByText Logo 5 Free EuroMillions Lines Lotto By Txt Review

Lottery Site Reviews

We have been in the online gambling industry and playing worldwide lotteries for many years. We feel we should share as much information with you as possible so as a player you can make the best decisions. Our main aim here at Lottery Expert is to provide you with simple but informative information through our online lottery reviews.

Each of our independent reviews are split down into 4 main sections:

Summary – This is a summary of each lotto site and its main features with ratings for each important category and a final score.

Company Information – This is information on the company behind each site, their location, address and other contact information. We detail the levels of customer service in this section and look into their banking methods. Within the banking methods we details how you can pay whether it be via Paypal, Skrill, direct debit or debit / credit card. We provide a rating for each of the important points above. You can also add your own rating and comment to each review in order to help other lotto players.

Product Information – This section covers information about the various lotto games and systems available on each site, which worldwide lotteries you can play and whether they have syndicates or single entry tickets. We detail information about the maximum jackpots that are available on each lottery here. You will also find information on how to play each lottery and info on any side / extra games that are available.

Promotions / Opening offers – This is considered the most important section to some people especially for new players. In this section we simply list the latest opening offers and promos that each website is currently offering. An example of these offers / promotions could include money back on your first ticket if you don’t win, a 100% free single entry or syndicated ticket for the first draw or a low cost subscription for your first week’s worth of tickets.


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